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ABL LIVE: Milo on Bill Maher, Trump and the CBC, The Immigrant March - Call in LIVE!

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During this live broadcast internet radio show, we will be talking about Milo Yiannopoulos and his performance on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher. This is currently the hottest topic on YouTube due to Milo’s highly controversial… and some would say contradictory… nature. How can a person who is a gay, conservative, Greek, Jew that loves black men also be some racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, neo-nazi, white supremacist? Conversations surrounding his identity frustrated the panel and they also frustrate confused young college students who have been staging protests around the country, many of which have turned violent. Which could simply be as a result of outside interference.

Legacy media are still trying to make mountains out of molehills as it relates to Donald Trump. The latest one is the issue of racism and the black reporter during a press conference. A woman named April Ryan who is affiliated with a black radio network, decided to stand up and ask Trump if he would include the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) in his plans for urban/inner city renewal. He then asks her if she knew them and if she wanted to set up the meeting. Right on the spot. Some are trying to allude to him being racist for asking a black person to meet with a black group, which is silly. But it just points to an issue many conservatives and other individuals guilty of “wrong-think” are having… disdain and distrust of the media.

There will also be a general Q&A portion of the show in which your host, Anthony Brian Logan, will be reading comments directly from the live chat which will also be shown in real-time embedded on the actual on-screen video. Enjoy the show and please check out the links below for more information about the aforementioned stories, ways to follow ABL LIVE on social media, and of course … ways to donate to ABL LIVE to keep the party rolling.

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